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L. Shapiro,  Older Woman Dares to Wear A Bathing Suit in Public, paper bag collage, acrylic,  54x 59 x 30 x 6, 2022

Laura Shapiro
Mixed Media Artist

I am a mixed media artist. My current project, "Older Women's Bodies" highlights both the unique and universal views older women have of their bodies.  Based on interviews  and photos of  older women whom I know, I create paper collages that hang directly on the wall.  I use shaped paper bags that most likely will degenerate over time, as will we.  This choice of material is a way to own and proudly redefine the term "old bag." Each piece is not a portrait of a specific woman, but inspired by them. I incorporate ideas from different women and weave my own interpretations into each piece.  The work is somewhat unsettled, vulnerable, strong and rough. My work continues to evolve.


My on-going practice involves creation of abstract painted cardboard constructions, found objects and digital stories, through which I investigate the expressive possibilities of materials. Personal and feminist themes go across my work.  Artists who inspire me include Danh Vo, Alice Neel, Barbara Leoff Burge, Mark Bradford, Eleanor Antin, Kara Walker, Louise Bourgeois, and unacknowledged visionary artists.


CONTACT: Laura Shapiro   


cell: 845-527-1175


Copyright 2023 Laura Shapiro.

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