All IS NOT SETTLED , L.Shapiro, cardboard and 12 in. X 12", 2022

Laura Shapiro
Mixed Media Artist

I thought, naively, that once I entered my seventh decade, the inner and outer worlds that I occupy would be settled.

I imagined, after all the feminist struggling, we would have secured a women's right to control her own body,  the safety and  equality  all people of color, and the end of poverty, and  high quality medical care for all.   I envisioned that my inner life would be undisturbed by the insecurities that an aging woman's body and psyche bring.

 Currently my art explores the challenges I  and other  older women  face in this society. I make abstract  collages using painted cardboard, ripping, layering, peeling back, revealing and concealing, and  colliding, and off balance.  The work is somewhat unsettled,  vulnerable, and rough. Inspirations for my imagery include the movement of earth's tectonic plates and  immense rocks that tumble and then remain  precariously balanced for a time. My works continues to evolve.

  Artists  who inspire me include Danh Vo, Frank Stella, Amy Sillman, Michaela Eichwald, Barbara Leoff Burge, Richard Tuttle, unnamed visionary artists.


CONTACT: Laura Shapiro

lshapiro501@gmail.com                                   cell: 845-527-1175


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