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Wit's End_edited.jpg

L. Shapiro,  Wit's End.,  paper bag handles, embroidery thread, glue acrylic; collage, acrylic,  15"" x 8 x 2", 2024

Laura Shapiro
Mixed Media Artist


I am a mixed media collage artist. Among my inspirations are the materials with which I primarily work, paper bags, paper bag handles, cardboard , thread. These materials are not precious, but malleable and  reveal themselves to me  me as I work. I keep changing as does the work. I see what emerges and find that most of my work is intimate, filled with movement as well as containment, struggle, and resilience as are the lives.


As a women in my seventh decade, my art is inspired by women my age and older, our strength and vulnerabilty as we come to terms with the physical and cognitive changes that are occuring in our lives. We defy ageist stereotypes. We deserve to be visible. Older women artists who inspire me include  Judith Scott, Faith Ringgold, Barbara Leoff Burge, and Joan Snyder.



CONTACT: Laura Shapiro   


cell: 845-527-1175


Copyright 2023 Laura Shapiro.

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